How To Play PUBG Mobile in 60FPS [Increase FPS Pubg]

After the release of PUBG for mobile, the experience of gaming for smartphones has touched the sky as many mobile manufacturers started making device for game. Well, if you have expensive device like Galaxy S9, OnePlus 6, or other with Snapdragon 845, then you can play PUBG in 60FPS. But what if you have budget phone and still want to play PUBG mobile in 60FPS. Yes, buying expensive phone is not everyone’s cup of team. But, we have found a trick to improve PUBG mobile FPS gameplay and there are a more pubg launch options you would like to see.

It doesn’t matter what device you are using, you will just need make sure that your Android device version is 4.3 or above. Considering the need of games who want to get better performance and FPS on PUBG Mobile, the TSOML developers has designed the third party tool “GFX Tool” which lets you play PUBG in 60FPS on Android device. The GFX tool PUBG is especially designed to let PUBG players to play PUBG Mobile in 60FPS. It is quite simple to use GFX tool to increase FPS in PUBG Mobile. So, there are more pubg launch options, you can use to play the game with fun. You will just need to install it on your Android device and configure setting to play PUBG in 60FPS. If you don’t have any idea, then here we have explained full tutorial to download and install GFX tool on Android and enjoy PUBG Mobile in great graphics.

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Play PUBG Mobile On Android with 60 FPS Settings

Well, the GFX tool is available for free to download for Android. Here we have the latest version of GFX tool for PUBG mobile new update.

Note: You don’t need to root your Android device to use GFX tool. And also, for your kind information we must tell you that you won’t even get banned for using GFX tool PUBG.

Step #1: Download and Install GFX tool APK from Google Play Store.

Step #2: Launch GFX tool.

Step #3: Now configure setting where you can set Resolution, Graphic, FPS, Style, and other setting as per your requirement.

Step #4: Next, tap to Accept and “Run Game”

Step #5: Now you the PUBG Mobile will open on your phone with 60FPS graphic. Now you can see the new improved performance of PUBG Mobile with 60FPS setting without spending much time.

If you don’t have any ideas about the best PUBG settings, here you can find the best pubg graphic setting in GFX tool. Let’s check it out:


Turn this down to a minimum, or at least Low.

Screen Scale

It should be set to at least 90 on Low End PCs.


This will adds a little bit more graphics to buildings and the plants. Set it to Very Low.


Turn shadows down as much as possible. However, you could leave this on Medium or Low if you feel like you’ll run into campers.

View Distance:

This part doesn’t matter on Low End PCs, set it to Low just in case it does help you out when having an 8x scope.


Leave it at Medium for lower end PC’s; it’ll still run fine.


Change it to Low if your GPU can’t handle the game well. That’s as far as you need to drop the effects quality though.


Just go to a minimum no matter what your PC is. This isn’t so much for a PC boost as it is for a tactical advantage. Less foliage means less chances of other players blending in.

Motion Blur

Absolutely turn this off unless you prefer the feel that motion blur offers a better gaming experience for your taste.


Turn this off unless you have a good computer but if you have a good one, why are you here?

All set!


Hope you have followed the process carefully and improved the performance of PUBG mobile to 60FPS with the help of GFX tool. Once after using GFX tool for PUBG, please do not forget to share your first experience of playing PUBG in 60FPS in comments. Do you still missing any feature of PUBG on your phone? What more you want to see on upcoming PUBG mobile updates?  If you have anything to share about what’s more coming on next PUBG mobile update, then don’t hesitate to tell us by commenting below.