How To Win Classic PUBG Merchandise By Playing PUBG Mobile

While everyone is excited about the latest release PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 Beta update and upcoming PUBG Mobile Season 4, here we have come with the great news for PUBG Mobile player. As you have read the article heading says “how to get Classic PUBG Merchandise”, you can simply win amazing PUBG Merchandise and showcase your friends that how you are the big fan of this battle royal game.

Well, most people know that there is a way to earn PUBG Merchandise by playing PUBG Mobile, but they don’t how. Hence, we have come to help you how you can win the PUBG Merchandise By Playing PUBG Mobile.

How To Get Classic PUBG Merchandise

After the recent update of Halloween 0.9.0, PUBG Mobile is giving its players a chance to win classic PUBG merchandise. All you have to do is win using an AWM sniper rifle in a normal/classic match, take a screenshot and post it on Twitter with the hashtags #pubgmobileawm and #pubgmobilechallenge. The ongoing challenge will end on November 22, so don’t plan on taking your sweet time.

Well, the tweet does not specify if the merchandise will be an in-game prize or a physical item, but the contest announcement does show dog tags, so that might be one of the prizes. Also, there’s no information about the number of participants eligible to win the merchandise.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile also announced that the global finale of its PUBG Mobile Star Challenge will take place at the Festival Arena Dubai, from November 29 to December 1. The total prize pool of the challenge is $600,000 (approx.. Rs. 4,35,75,000) and allows players to compete in teams of four. But the competition is only open to players who have at least 1000 followers on YouTube Gaming, Twitch, Facebook Live, Smashcast TV, Mixer, and other platforms. One player on each team must fill these criteria.