New Pharaoh X-Suit in PUBG Mobile Is Here

Hello, PubgGamers!

Today we are here with the great news about the new Pharaoh X-Suit in PUBG Mobile. (If you want to play CS2 instead of PUBG, you can always get FarmSkins promo codes from our friends). We know that Pubg is full of skins and costumes that everyone would love to have it and enjoy the game. Some item you can get by spending UC (which you can buy through real money) and some items you can get free by completing daily and weekly rewards.

While there are dozens of costumes available in the game, Pubg Mobile is adding one more amazing costume to the game called “Pharaoh X-Suit”. Recently, they tease the new outfit on its official Instagram page. There will be size levels to get Pharaoh X-Suit. Every level will unlock the new feature. Let’s talk more about Pharaoh X-Suit in detail.

Each level on Pharaoh X-Suit is different, and the player can unlock it and increase the level.

The new suit is amazing and adds charm in your character in the game. The player will have to use the specific tokens to level up the Pharaoh X-Suit in the game.

If you are wondering where you can grab the Pharaoh X-Suit in Pubg Mobile, then let me tell you that you will have to wait for just a couple days as it will be available on 4th August along with the release of new Ancient Secrete event that people have been waiting for.

Well, the Call of the Pharaoh event will be available from 4th August to the 13th August. In this event, players will be able to open the Pharaoh crates and get the items which will be for a limited period of time.

Are you ready to grab the brand new Pharaoh X-Suit? Are you excited about the next Ancient Secret Event? Please feel free to share your feedback with us in the comment section.