PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Chinese Update Is Coming With New Monster Hunting Mode, Easter Egg, More

As the Chinese New Year is around the corner, PUBG corp. is about to launch the new PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 update with new interesting monster hunting way like movies. Yes, you heard it right! These are also rumors roaming all around the world about the new PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode which is expected to come in PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 global update with multiple features.

But for PUBG Mobile Chinese players, it will be more interesting to fight with the huge monster and get some surprise loot from their crates. Yes, there will be new “Monster Hunting” mode in PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 where you will have a fight against the monster to get a reward and massive loot. Likewise, there will be also PUBG Mobile Easter Egg where a player can find creature-looking monsters in all maps and player first need to activate statues placed around the map and kill small monster one by one to get loot.

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Furthermore, as we have seen that you can use the Flare gun to get drop quickly on your spot so there will be a new thing like that on PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Chinese Update when a player shoots the Flare gun, there will be the black scary hurricane start and few monster drops. And, players have to kill them all to get drop loot. It seems interesting! Don’t you think so?

What’s more expected in PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Chinese Update?

Talking about more interesting features on PUBG 0.13.0 Mobile update for Chinese users, there will be new Chinese New Year themed locations, night mode for Vikendi Snow Map, and a cooperative mode where all players get down together to defeat monsters and dragons in the new Arcade mode. There are new weapons, death cam replays, and new animations in the beta update. Well, it’s not sure that they will add these features on PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 global version. I guess the new PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode will be there for global users in the place of Monster Hunting mode.

What about PUBG Mobile Lag issue?

Yes, the maker also talked about the lagging issue on PUBG Mobile and they said, “As you know, PUBG Mobile is a very complex game which runs on various devices all over the world and on all sorts of network scenarios (at the moment of this writing over 30,000,000 people play the game each day),”  Furthermore they added “With that in mind, we have obviously noticed that you have been experiencing various ‘lag’ issues with the game (in this case, lag can mean multiple things – to some players lag means device performance, to some it means high ping, and so on) so we would like to find out more. We have created a quick survey that we would love for you take part in.”

PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Release Date

As we all know that Chinese New Year 2019 date is 5th February, the new PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Chinese update may release on the same date so that players can celebrate the new year by hunting dragons in PUBG Mobile.

Talking more about the PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Chinese Update, the YouTuber “Rey LAGARTO” has posted a video that shows a new Monster hunting mode and PUBG Mobile Easter Egg event which you can see below:

You can also check first Vikendi Night Mode gameplay below: