PUBG Season 7 Added Revamped Vikendi, New Weapons, Skins and More

After a week of hint about the PUBG PC 7.1, the developers have finally released the new update with the new PUBG PC season 7. So the new update brings the revamped version of Vikendi along with new survival pass, new weapons, and skins.

Last week, the PUBG team hinted with the new season 7 teaser, which revealed that the new version of the game is coming with some major features which we are going to discuss here.

After revamping the Erangel map on the PUBG PC, the PUBG team is now making some changes in the Vikendi map with some great changes. With the latest PUBG 7.1 test version, there are a number of places on Vikendi that have been updated, and the snow cover has reduced around the Southern areas of the map.

The most interesting part of the game is training has been added to the newly updated map. This new train will move around the map in multiple tracks of Vikendi. Alongside this, you will also like the new motorcycle and motorcycle with a sidecar that has been replaced from snowbikes and snowmobiles.

This PUBG season 7 survivor pass is available with the title Cold Front. Just like every new season, this season also has some new skins and outfits which you can get by completing weekly missions. You can also play season missions, progression missions, and challenge missions to get these rewards.

Well, Survival Title System has been removed now, and developers are working on the new system with the brand new Competitive Mode that will be added in a future update, and it will soon be revealed by the devs.

Furthermore, the PUBG team is also using some new weapon’s tool as the makers are now planning to add some new weapons to the game.

Since they are adding more and more weapons in the game, it will become tough to maintain a balance between these weapons. Here are some new weapons resting by the devs: Mosin-Nagant. The name is unique, and let me tell you that this new gun is also called as Kar98k.  Every attachments and ammunition of this weapon is the same to Kar98k, but the Mosin-Nagant has arrived with the new look and sound to amaze the gameplay. If you are also testing this new PUBG PC update, then please do share your feedback with us about the new update. Which more features you are still missing on the new PUBG PC 7.1 update.